[Kitchen Art] Griddle Pan

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Add this pan to your korean barbeque arsenal. This large (36cm diameter!) versatile pan can be used indoors or outdoors. Take this pan on your next camping adventure and you make eggs and pancakes in style.

A popular way of using this pan is to cook up some pork belly on the sides, allow the seasoned oil to drip towards the center. After a couple of minutes, place a small mountain of kimchi in the center and allow it to cook, soaking up all that delicious flavour. Wrap your bite-size pork belly with a piece of kimchi and enjoy!


  • Apply cooking oil if using for the first time
  • Do not use steel wool or other abrasive cleaning material as this will destroy the coating
  • The coating will be damaged if exposed to a heating element without cooking


Dimension   36 cm diameter

Coated Aluminum (Pan)

Inner Coating: Fluorine Resin Coating

Outer Coating: Fluorine Resin Coating

Compatible Heating Elements   Induction, Gas, Halogen, Ceramic Stove, Hot Plate
Weight 1.4 kg
Country of Origin Republic of Korea



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