[Assi] Budae Jjigae (Korean Army Stew) Set

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A hearty helping of Budae Jjigae to warm the soul. We have prepared all the ingredients that you need to start making the infamous Korean Army Stew right away. All you need to do is wash and cut the vegetables, cut the meat and then assemble the ingredients into a large pot

What is included is :

  • A can of Spam
  • Half an onion
  • Mak Kimchi
  • (2) dry ramen noodles
  • (2) slices of Kraft Cheese
  • (5) pork wieners
  • Sliced Rice Cake
  • (2) packages of Budae Jjigae stock
  • Cremini Mushroom
  • (1) package of Enoki Mushroom
  • (1) package of Firm Tofu

*Cooking Pot sold separately

Gather your close friends or family as this set is large enough to serve approximately 4-5 people. Approximately total weight of 2610g worth of food!

Best eaten over a portable gas stovetop to be served right away.

Detailed cooking instructions will be provided.

Due to current supply issues, we cannot guarantee all of the above items shown will be the same brand. If we are out of stock of any of the above items, we will do our best to match the same great taste by supplying something similar.

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